Our History

Who Are We?

YourIdealPet is a family-owned online business founded in 2005 which prides itself in
breeding and selling uniquely the West Highland White Terrier. Our several years of
experience have equipped us with the astuteness and experience in providing our numerous
customers in primarily the United States and Canada with healthy, vibrant and lovable pets.

West Highland Terrier Description

The West Highland Terrier frequently called the Westie is a small, sturdy, cheerful and
friendly dog with a life expectancy of about 12-14 years, a height of about 10-11 inches and
a bodyweight of about 14-20 pounds. At full growth, Male West Highland Terriers can be an
inch or two taller than females.

West Highland Terrier Functions

Originally bred for hunting and ratting, the modern-day Westie is a friendly family dog which
is known to enrich the lives of families with its infectiously friendly personality. The Westie
can be therapeutic for people with anxiety issues and in some cases is used as a search-and-
rescue dog. The Westie is the perfect friend for children of all ages.

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