Policies and Procedures

Health Guarantee

Your Ideal Pet guarantees you that every puppy sold is totally healthy. Each puppy is vaccinated, and dewormed by qualified veterinarians.  Follow up vet visits are done quarterly to ensure each puppy is disease-free.

Refund Guarantee

Your Ideal Pet guarantees its customers a full refund on each Westie delivered but deemed unhealthy by a qualified veterinarian. For a full refund we therefore urge every customer to visit a qualified vet within 72 hours of receipt of their Westie.

Shipping and Delivery

Thanks to our local and international partners, Your Ideal Pet your Westie is safely packaged and delivered to you in person at your preferred location. Average flight time within the US and to Canada is 4-6 hours. Our shipping partners ensure that your Westie is placed in secure crates with padded interiors, vents for respiration and temperature regulators. Also, your Westie is provided with enough food and water to quench its insatiable thirst.

Privacy Policy

Your Ideal Pet ensures that all the information provided by our customers is kept confidential. Our database is managed and protected by recognised experts in order to protect your personal information at all times. Your Ideal Pet will in no case contact an existing or potential customer proposing to sell a Westie to them.